EXPANDING AND RENOVATING THE NCH Baker Hospital Downtown Emergency Department

2016 Downtown ED nurse stationYou don't wake up each day expecting to go to an emergency department. However, the fact is that nearly one fifth of all Americans are taken to an emergency department each year.

As your community hospital, NCH Healthcare System is committed to ensuring that the very best emergency care is available to you and your family should you ever need it. The expansion and renovation of the emergency department at NCH North Naples Hospital is now complete, including a dedicated area just for children and their families: The Robert, Mariann and Megan MacDonald Pediatric Emergency Department. In addition, the new NCH Northeast Emergency Department at Immokalee Road and Collier Boulevard opened in fall 2015.

It is now time to focus attention and resources on the renovation of the emergency department at NCH Baker Hospital Downtown. The facility has not been updated in more than 20 years. Initial planning is underway for a $32 million expansion and modernization project. This will provide convenient access to emergency care--including nationally recognized care for strokes and heart attacks--within five miles for most residents and 10 miles for nearly all residents of Collier and southern Lee counties.

2016 NNH ED TY adult exam

     Community support is vital.

     Without philanthropic gifts, NCH is challenged to
     offer state-of-the-art facilities and technology
     required to provide the most efficient, safe  
     emergency care to a growing and aging population
     of residents and visitors to Collier and southern
     Lee counties.

To modernize the NCH Baker Hospital Downtown Emergency Department, NCH is making plans to
Expand from 34 to 50 beds to better accommodate peak volumes of patients.
• Use lean design process for more efficient flow, mirroring the success at NCH North Naples Hospital ED but with a model most appropriate to the acuity of the patient to this ED, to achieve higher levels of patient satisfaction.
• Design waiting rooms to be more comfortable for patients and their family members, featuring charging stations for technology, mini office spaces and food options.
• Improve patient privacy by designing individual glassed treatment rooms, replacing the current curtained cubicles. When needed, Hush® curtains will be incorporated to reduce ambient noise.
• Provide larger treatment rooms with additional circulation area around the beds.
• Create additional space in nurse stations and physician charting areas to accommodate technology and an anticipated ER Residency program.
• Use current standards of design to accommodate the unique needs of the geriatric population, offering tranquil colors, soft lights and other features to provide a calming effort for patients of all ages.
• Implement Smart Room technology to improve patient safety and efficiency of care.
• Rebuild the two trauma rooms (and consider adding two more), add specialized holding rooms and add a decontamination room.

Many naming opportunities are available:
- Emergency Center
- Geriatric Emergency Center
- Downtown Stroke Emergency Center: Commitment Pending
- Downtown Cardiology Emergency Center
Emergency Waiting Room
Trauma Rooms
- Family Meditation/Comfort Room
- Nurse Station-Central: Subscribed
- Triage Area: Commitment Pending
- Staff Break Room: Commitment Pending
- Private Exam/Procedure Rooms
- Nurse Stations (Secondary)
- Physician Work Area
- EMS Center
- Equip a Room

For details about expanding and renovating the Downtown Emergency Department and the current naming opportunities, please contact the NCH Center for Philanthropy at (239) 624-2000.




2016 Downtown ED Ball Chairs

2016 NCH Hospital Ball Kicked Off
undraising for NCH Baker Hospital
Downtown Emergency Department
Modernization Project
Dr. Paul and Susan Jones served
as chairs of the 58th Annual
Hospital Ball, which was held in
November 2016 at The Ritz-Carlton
Beach Resort, Naples.
The ball raised $1.3 million to
help fund the expansion and
renovation of the NCH Baker
Hospital Downtown Emergency

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