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Betty Lou Tucker doesn't just believe in extraordinary health - she lives and breathes it. As a 74-year old sprint triathlete who also runs little road races "now and then" she's proof that good health care matters.

“Trying to maintain proper nutrition and getting exercise has enabled me to still do sprint triathlons,” she says. “I appreciate that NCH stresses preventative medicine and that Dr. Weiss, as a triathlete, is a good example to everyone.” But when the times have come when Betty Lou or her late husband needed more than preventative medicine, NCH Healthcare System has been a tremendous resource. “I found the care extraordinary when I had emergency surgery in 1995 and back surgery in 2006,” Betty Lou says. “Also, my late husband was a stroke survivor so there were several instances where he received quite remarkable care at NCH. “When the opportunity to change the beneficiary of my trust came up, I decided to make a provision for NCH because Betty Lou Tucker doesn’t just believe in extraordinary health—she lives and breathes it. As a 74-year-old sprint triathlete who also runs little road races “now and then,” she’s proof that good health care matters. our community needs extraordinary health care,” she adds. As a member of the Medical Diplomats Society, Betty Lou already gives to the NCH Healthcare System Foundation on an annual basis. But by adding the foundation to her estate plans, she recognized that she could give additional support to secure the future of NCH. Betty Lou found the process of including NCH in her estate plans to be as “smooth as silk” and would encourage others to join her in supporting wonderful patient care by joining the Banyan Society. “You can be very sure that anything you give or leave will be put to the best possible use,” she says.

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