An Exciting Technological Breakthrough . . .

Introducing the Cerner Smart Room

The Cerner Smart Room incorporates the latest technologies to improve patient care and clinician efficiency.  The Smart Room empowers caregivers and patients ensuring a safe and positive hospital experience.

There are many benefits to this exciting technology including:

  1. Patient Access to Personal Medical Information: diagnosis and treatment plan; scheduled tests; condition-specific educational videos; doctor and nurse bios; and detailed care history
  2. Caregiver Access to Real-Time Patient Medical Record:  Real-time vital signs, test and lab results; prescribed medications; allergies; medical history; etc.
  3. Instant Bedside Access to the Patient's Electronic Medical Record

   4.  Advanced Caregiver Alerting System Improves Patient Safety

    5.  Patient Risk Indicators Prominently Displayed (falls, isolation)

    6.  Smart Infusion Pump Technology -- Medication programmed electronically. Automated Safety Checks ensuring the proper medication and dosage is being administered to the right patient.


SMART Room Project To Date:

  • Two State-of-the-Art Hospital Floors (5th & 6th Floor of Baker Patient Tower)
  • 44,300 sf of New Space
  • 64 Private Patient Rooms
  • 6 VIP Suites
  • Smart Room Technology in Every Patient Room

With the community's support, NCH aspires to bring this technology to every patient room at both hospital campuses. If you would like to help us make this dream a reality, please click here to make your donation now.

View our Smart Room brochure to learn more!

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