Making  NCH the Best It Can Be

A few years after settling in Naples, Russell and Pat Fleischman’s need for a first-rate hospital became clear when Russell suffered a sudden heart attack after playing tennis. Both he and Pat were grateful for the skilled care provided by the hospital staff at NCH, particularly the emergency room doctor who administered the treatment necessary to save Russell’s heart muscle and prevent irreparable damage.

Since then, both Russell and Pat have spent time at NCH, and they agree that the care has been excellent and has continued to improve with the latest advancements in medicine and technology. Each time they visit the hospital, Russell and Pat are more and more impressed with the staff at NCH. “It’s our hospital,” Pat stresses.

A Vision for the Future

Recognizing the importance of the hospital in their lives, especially as they grow older, Russell and Pat feel compelled to support the NCH Healthcare Foundation. “As we became closer to the people at the hospital and understood what they were trying to accomplish, we wanted to help them,” says Pat.

Throughout the years, the Fleischmans donated to numerous areas of need at NCH. They particularly enjoy giving to those areas that have touched their lives, such as the Naples Heart Institute, or towards the improvement of patient care in the Gulf View Suites. They also look for areas of great need that may not be as visible to the general public, such as the Russell and Patricia Fleischman Behavioral Health Center.

“It’s not about the outward credit,” Pat says. “It’s about doing something that matters to the hospital.”

Impressed with the tremendous strides they’ve seen NCH make in the past decade, Russell and Pat want to perpetuate this progress by providing ongoing support. To do this, they have included a $1 million irrevocable bequest for NCH in their will designated to the Russell and Patricia Fleischman Diagnostic Center at the Naples Heart Institute. 

“If you live here, it’s in your best interest to make the hospital the best it can be now and in the future,” says Pat.  “Making a gift to NCH through our will was one of the easiest gifts we’ve ever made. We know it will have a lasting impact and we feel really good about that.”

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