A Haven From the Cold 

Virginia and Ted Myers came to Naples in the mid-1980s, looking forward to the warm sun. But when Ted’s continuing health issues had them seeking medical care, they found much more: They found a warm haven in NCH. “When you get older, your needs do change. Your medical care and mental health become important to you,” Virginia says. “We were very fortunate to have good health care.”

As Ted’s health declined and his health care needs grew, NCH became a part of the couple’s routine. Coming to a familiar place with friendly people made all the difference, Virginia says. Doctors, nurses, and volunteers made the couple feel welcome and comfortable at every turn. “There’s really a strong feeling of community at NCH,” Virginia says. “It was a great place for Ted to get what he needed.”

When Ted passed away in October 2011, Virginia says she took comfort in knowing NCH was able to ensure his quality of life in his last years. “He and I were extremely close and had a wonderful relationship,” she says. “When you lose a loved one, these are the things that become important to you that you didn’t realize before.”

Years ago, Virginia and Ted became members of the Banyan Society by setting up charitable trusts to benefit NCH. Virginia is confident their contribution will help NCH provide to others the same loving care her husband received.She’s grateful to those who helped make Ted’s care possible over the years and is glad to know NCH will be there for her as she grows older. “We’ve seen what donations can do to help,” she says.

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