Pulmonary Health & Wellness Center Expansion

Imagine you or a loved one not being able to breathe-a debilitating feeling that permeates every area of life. Respiratory diseases like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) affect millions of Americans, can be acquired in multiple ways and are not always self inflicted. COPD is the 3rd highest cause of death in the US. The NCH Pulmonary Health and Wellness Center is making a difference in the lives of those suffering with severe respiratory illness and lung disease by improving their quality of life.

As chronic lung diseases have become more prevalent, the demand for pulmonary rehabilitation services has grown steadily over the years. The NCH Pulmonary Health and Wellness Center is expanding to meet the needs of our community.  The Center's physical expansion will make room for patients to benefit from its vital services, create new educational space, provide better equipment for strength training, aerobics and stretching and encompass a host of upgrades. 

NCH must raise $1,000,000 to expand the Pulmonary Health and Wellness CenterCommunity support is vital to this project.  Without philanthropic gifts, the Center will be unable to grow its services.

When complete, the expanded Pulmonary Health & Wellness Center will feature:

  • Doubling of floor space to 3,300 square feet
  • New sports flooring
  • Advanced environmental controls for heating and cooling which include HEPA filtration
  • New state of art exercise equipment
  • Dedicated strength training area
  • New TVs and headphones with a variety of TV stations for client viewing
  • Comfortable waiting/reception area
  • New entrance near parking with automatic doors with improved handicap access
  • Additional client interview rooms
  • Addition of an all purpose room for classes, yoga and small seminars
  • Additional space and equipment will allow flexibility of class times and maintenance classes
  • Establishment of an on-going fund for education, maintenance and other critical needs in the center
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