NCH Simulation Center
Advancing Professional Medical Education Through Simulation Training

The NCH Simulation Center will be a state-of-the-art suite allowing for dynamic and interactive multidisciplinary learning opportunities. The vision is to build, equip and maintain a four to six-suite simulation center to train physicians, medical residents and fellows, nurses, respiratory therapists, community emergency medical services (EMS) staff and other clinical staff. The center will provide standardized and customized scenarios to improve patient safety and outcomes, and to prepare the next generation of clinicians who will collectively enhance individual and community health in a culturally diverse society.

Currently, NCH has one simulation room at the Baker Hospital Downtown. There is a strong need to:
- Address the severe shortage of qualified nurses.
- Provide training to internal medicine and other residents.
- Make it easier for current physicians to continue professional development and skills training.
- Provide opportunities for teams of medical professionals to train together to provide the safest care.
- Help medical professionals master their skills without putting patients at risk.
- Create scenarios tailored to each person's education and training level.

With community support, the plan is to:
- Build a minimum 7,000 square foot suite to provide a controlled environment that imitates real-life patient care settings.
- The simulated scenarios will use high-fidelity mannequins and actual healthcare situations to provide realistic, problem-based instruction and error-forgiving clinical experiences that enhance patient safety.
-Each room will be equipped with the clinical equipment currently used by NCH hospitals to provide consistency between education/training and actual care in the units. 

How can you help? Gifts, including endowment support, will ensure long-term viability of NCH's education and training programs.


 Baby mannequin simulation center    

Computer-controlled mannequins mimic breathing and make sounds to actual symptoms to practice treatment in a controlled enviorment. 





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